We are a VC syndicate investing in pre-seed/seed engineering and data science-heavy startups.
We tend to invest in startups that build the data stack and transform industries via innovative business models and technologies.
QuestDB - an open-source time series database. Seed(≈), Series-A.
Odin - a community-driven investment platform. Pre-Seed(≈), Seed.
Alena - a mental well-being companion. Pre-Seed(≈), Seed.
in3d - 3D body scanning with a smartphone. Pre-Seed(≈).
PreWarp - data and machine learning for product decisions. Pre-Seed(≈).
▒▒▒▒▒▒ - a brain-computer interface company. Seed(≈).
Xihelm - robotic harvesting for glasshouse fruit and veg. Seed(≈).
Sugar - data-driven financing for game developers. Pre-Seed(≈).
Sourcery - an advanced code improvement solution. Seed(≈).
Challau - a headset-free metaverse platform. Pre-Seed(≈).

(≈) - when a partnership with Approx has started.

Peter Zhegin

Co-founder & Angel Investor

Peter is a Venture Partner at 7percent Ventures (a fund that backed Oculus, Magic Pony Technology, etc.). Until recently, he was an Investment Manager at 7percent. Peter also led strategic projects at Ozon, an online retailer that was listed on NASDAQ in 2020 at $6.2B valuation.

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Sergey Bartunov

Co-founder & Angel Investor

Sergey is the Director of AI at Charm Therapeutics, a biotech startup backed by F-Prime Capital, General Catalyst, Khosla Ventures, and other leading investors. Previously Sergey was a Senior Research Scientist at DeepMind and taught in HSE University.

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Evgeny Gokhberg

Angel Investor

Evgeny is a Managing Partner at Re7 Capital, specialising in decentralised finance and open blockchain networks. Prior to founding Re7, Evgeny spent a decade in the investment management industry and was an early employee at Everledger, a digital transparency startup backed by Tencent, Fidelity Investments, and others.


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